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Community Mentoring Program

Crestwood High School runs a community mentoring program for Year 11 students each year. The program aims to bring together people who have experienced life, education and business with our chosen young participants.

Mentors provide support, skills and knowledge to their Year 11 mentees as they experience the highs and lows of a students' preliminary HSC (Higher School Certificate) year. They communicate through emails, phone calls or in person at a number of breakfasts provided throughout the year.

The benefits for the mentees involved in the program has been very good. They have a supportive adult who is not a relative but is linked to an interest area. The role of the mentor is to encourage and help the mentee to experience the world of work, and encourage them to research, learn and discover new opportunities. 

What are the expectations of a Crestwood High School mentor?

  • Attend regular meetings (8 meetings a year between March and October)
  • Attend training day in March
  • Communicate positively with mentee
  • Offer assistance with career planning
  • Be honest: teenagers need to know that we all make mistakes
  • Ask questions of the mentee
  • Attend presentation ceremony at end of program (October)
  • Arrange one or two 'shadowing' days.