Crestwood High School

Vision and Progress

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Crestwood High School provides opportunities for playing in a variety of ensemble situations, catering to players of different levels of ability. 

Our regular weekly ensembles consist of a stage band, concert band and the Crestwood High School acoustic sounds ensemble.

The stage band plays contemporary style music, including jazz, blues and theatre music. Students have enjoyed mastering the range of pieces and the standard of the group has made it a popular contributor at school events.

Our concert band meets on a weekly basis. We welcome students who have been involved in bands before as well as those with limited experience. Public performances take place at various external venues as well as at school occassions. The concert band has competed at the Ryde Eisteddfod and played at events such as Relay For Life, the Orange Blossom Festival, Earth Hour with Castle Hill High School, Orientation Day and Presentation Night.

The Crestwood acoustic sounds ensemble (CASE) is a group consisting of a diverse range of instruments such as guitars, the bass, mandolins, flute, violins and percussion. The group plays arrangements of pieces in many styles, focusing particularly on celtic, bluegrass and folk music, as well as music from the classical repertoire. The group has so far enjoyed successful performances on Crestwood's Presentation Night, Harmony and Multicultural Day.