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Duke of Edinburgh's Award

What is the Duke of Edinburgh's award?

The Duke of Edinburgh's award is a voluntary enrichment program that invites young people to participate in a series of personal challenges in four areas: fitness, skill, volunteering and adventurous journey. Students select an activity in each area, and have their progress monitored by an appropriate assessor over a specified period of time. At the end of the required timeframe, students' progress is signed off and they may continue to the next level of the award.

The Duke of Edinburgh's award is highly regarded by employers and is internationally recognised. It presents a unique opportunity for students to improve their teamwork, perseverance, generosity, self-discipline, resilience, responsibility, independence and determination.

The program at Crestwood High School

The Duke of Edinburgh's award at Crestwood High School gives an opportunity for students to enter the bronze award at the age of 14 (generally in Year 9) or the silver award at the age of 15 (generally in Year 10).

The philosophy of the award requires that much of the work towards qualifying occurs in the student's own time. However, the school coordinates the 'adventurous journeys' component, which sees groups of students undertake bushwalking expeditions in wilderness areas for periods of up to 4 days.