Crestwood High School

Vision and Progress

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Library and learning resources

Crestwood High School library is a dynamic and friendly place for students and staff to learn, practice and apply their academic skills.

Our library:

  • provides a pleasant, friendly and dynamic learning environment for students and staff, promoting co-operation and respect for others.
  • supports the varied curriculum offered through an extensive, up-to-date collection of books, online and audiovisual resources.
  • integrates information skills into the curriculum by the provision of co-operatively planned lessons, online pathfinders, bibliographies,¬†scaffolds and personal assistance.
  • encourages students to become skilled, discriminating and responsible users of online resources.
  • promotes reading for enjoyment as well as lifelong learning, offering a wide choice of current young adult fiction and recreational reading.
  • has networked internet terminals available for legitimate school research. colour and black and white photocopying for students and a variety of magazines to support the curriculum and higher school certificate support materials.